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Xun Qian is a Research Scientist at Google, committing to exploring novel perceptive technologies and interactive systems in XR. Prior to joining Google, Xun obtained his Ph.D. degree at Purdue University, advised by Dr. Karthik RamaniDuring his Ph.D., Xun conducted research in the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) area, where he developed interactive XR systems leveraging the contexts of humans and surroundings perceived by state-of-the-art AI techniques.


June 4 2024: AdapTUI is conditionally accepted at ISS 2024.

May 29 2024: ChatDirector blog is released on Google Research.

May 14 2024: Present ChatDirector at CHI 2024.

May 13 2024: Present Fast-Forward Reality at CHI 2024.

Research Trajectory

Reserach Interests.png

Featured Research


ARnnotate UIST2022

An Augmented Reality Interface for Collecting Custom Dataset of 3D Hand-Object Interaction Pose Estimation

ScalAR CHI2022

Authoring Semantically Adaptive Augmented Reality Experiences in Virtual Reality


GesturAR UIST2021

An Authoring System for Creating Freehand Interactive Augmented Reality Applications

(Honorable Mention)

AdapTutAR CHI2021

An Adaptive Tutoring System for Machine Tasks in Augmented Reality



An Augmented Reality Tool for Authoring Human-Involved Context-Aware Applications

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