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ScalAR: Authoring Semantically Adaptive Augmented Reality Experiences in Virtual Reality (CHI2022)

Xun Qian, Fengming He, Xiyun Hu, Tianyi Wang, Ananya Ipsita, and Karthik Ramani. "ScalAR: Authoring Semantically Adaptive Augmented Reality Experiences in Virtual Reality." In Proceedings of the 2022 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. (CHI 2022) DOI:

Abstract: Augmented Reality (AR) experiences tightly associate virtual contents with environmental entities. However, the dissimilarity of different environments limits the adaptive AR content behaviors under large-scale deployment. We propose ScalAR, an integrated workflow enabling designers to author semantically adaptive AR experiences in Virtual Reality (VR). First, potential AR consumers collect local scenes with a semantic understanding technique. ScalAR then synthesizes numerous similar scenes. In VR, a designer authors the AR contents’ semantic associations and validates the design while being immersed in the provided scenes. We adopt a decision-tree-based algorithm to fit the designer’s demonstrations as a semantic adaptation model to deploy the authored AR experience in a physical scene. We further showcase two application scenarios authored by ScalAR and conduct a two-session user study where the quantitative results prove the accuracy of the AR content rendering and the qualitative results show the usability of ScalAR.

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